Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Last Night, Provence Art Trek with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams

Day 7, Provence Art Trek:
Plein Air Painting and Photography Workshop 
with Niki Gulley and Scott Williams

That evening we gathered for a final critique and "show and tell" from the trip. The photographers presented their strongest images in a slide show and provided us with happy memories from the trip, while opening our eyes to creative possibilities we never considered. The painters showed off their talented creations from each day of the trip and swapped ideas of which aspects they liked best.

Paintings from the show and tell of Aix-en-Provence

Paintings from the show and tell of lavender and sunflower fields
Paintings from the show and tell of our b and b grounds

For dinner that night, we gathered for one more delicious meal of escargot, filet crusted in mushrooms and chocolate volcano cake washed down with some amazing red wine. Having formed new friendships and enjoyed wonderful memories from the trip, our Provence Art Trek had come to a bittersweet end.

If you'd like more information or a brochure on one of our upcoming Plein Air Painting and Photography Workshops listed below, please let me know. We are taking reservations for next year's trip to Provence, June 25th - July 3rd, so please let us know if you would like to join us. This year's trip filled up in less than a week! For more details, e-mail Niki Gulley or go to

Upcoming Art Treks 
Tuscany, Italy – Sept. 5-13, 2014 • Sept. 2015 
Cinque Terre and Lake Como, Italy – Sept. 12-21, 2014 • Sept. 2015 
New Orleans, LA – Oct. 22-26, 2014 
Venice, Italy – CarnivalĂ© – Feb. 7-14, 2015 
Athens and Santorini, Greece – May 7-16, 2015 
The French Riviera – June 16-26, 2015
 Provence, France – June 25 - July 3, 2014

Please visit ( to see more of my impressionistic plein air oil paintings.

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